The Divas of South Florida

Beauty and Pride – blended for the GAWDS.

Say Hello to just a few of
South Florida’s Top Female Impersonators.

We here at Fort Lauderdale Beauty strive to be inclusive in our efforts to bring South Floridians a taste of the Beauty Industry. What better way to blend Beauty and Pride Month than to show you the ladies who put everything and more into their craft as a Female Impersonator.

A “drag queen” is a person who uses clothing and makeup to imitate and exaggerate, bending gender roles in order to dazzle and entertain. There is an immense amount of skill, talent, raw sheer will and strength – mixed together with a lot of self-love, that goes into making these looks and performances happen.

For deeper explanations, demonstrations, and performances… keep reading to see what drives these Kweens (in no particular order).

Without further ado…

1. Katalaya Davenport

Trans Female Impersonator Katalaya Davenport

This 33 year old Entrepreneur is a local Makeup Artist by trade. Former Miss Florida Illusions Newcomer 2015, Former Miss Village Pub 2016, Former Miss Royal Florida F.I. 2018, former Miss Elite Star Jr Miss 2018/19, Former Miss Palm Beach Pride 2019… Wooooo, that’s a lot to type out!!
“My passion for the arts guided me into becoming the entertain-tress and Transperson I am today. I continue to virtually dance and teach, do makeup tutorials/looks, and safely take makeup clients. It’s Passion. I love to be a community advocate, and working with people.”
Follow her IG: @katalayadavenport

2. Missy Meyakie LePaige

Female Impersonator Missy Myakie LePaige

Ms. LePaige has been a Female Impersonator for almost 20 years! She performs and hosts at the Alibi Monkey Bar every Saturday Brunch, The Pub on Saturday nights. Sunday’s it’s the The Palace in South Beach for brunch and back to Alibi’s for the Sunday night crowd. Whew! This girl is BUSY!
“I also travel and work at many different night clubs. Uplifting, encouraging, putting smiles on faces and making memories. <3 My motto is ‘Let your work speak for itself'”
We hear you loud and clear, mama!

3. Anna Rexia

Female Impersonator Anna Rexia

Anna Rexia is Miss Gay Florida 2020 of Imperial Sun Court of all Florida and Co-Miss Stonewall 2019. She hosts a live Drag Brunch on Facebook every weekend. Check out her website and follow her on Instagram @theannarexia for *all* the Lewks.

4. Opal Simpson

Female Impersonator Opal Simpson

Find Opal Simpson in “Reparations!” It is a showcase of Black Excellence to highlight African Americans official Independence Day. The Art of Drag will be used to encourage and uplift Black people around the globe. This show will be streamed from Twitchtv. All Proceeds will be going to TGI Justice Project. It will start at 7:30pm PST on June 19th (Juneteenth)

Hazyl’s Hole: Rainbow Riot. There will be 9 performers highlighting the meaning behind every color of the rainbow flag. It will be on streamed from Zoom. 9pm – 11pm EST on June 20th

Planet BushWig! This is the queer drag festival, BushWig, first digital festival to bring aid to the BLM movement. It will start on Saturday June 27th and end Sunday June 28th. Streaming information to TBA.
Follow her for more information on future projects. IG: @opalamrah

5. Jasmine Pryce Lords

Female Impersonator Jasmine Pryce Lords

First up from the House of Lords, (you’ll notice there’s a few) Jasmine Pryce Lords is a 10+ years entertainer, host, and emcee that can be found performing and hosting events all over Wilton Drive and regularly at RHouse in Wynwood for their famous Drag Brunch. Check our her website and her YouTube Channel for tutorials, upcoming shows and available merch.
Instagram: @jasmineprycelords


6. Opal LaRouge Lords

Female Impersonator Opal LaRouge

Opal LaRouge Lords has been perfecting her art of drag for the past eight years and counting. She is known to many as the Bearded (sometimes Moustached) Disney/Broadway Plus-Sized Princess of Miami. Wow, what a mouthful! [lol]
Opal is a proud member of the House of Lords. She is a female impersonator who performs nowhere specific, but in various nightclubs and venues across South Florida. Currently, you can catch her doing various virtual shows on her Instagram and Facebook. Opal is also competing for the next Ultimate Miami Drag Queen Pageant, thought the date is still pending.
Find her on FB: @itsopallords

7. Kat Wilderness

Trans Female Impersonator Kat Wilderness

Kat Wilderness is *very* popular, with her own YouTube channel where she talks about her life and experiences as a Trans person as well as a Drag Queen at the same time.
She has over 47K Followers on IG (@katwilderness), and while she hails from Port Saint Lucie, you can find her in our neck of the woods when she performs at Lips in Oakland Park.
Subscribe to her YouTube Here.

8. Sasha Lords

Female Impersonator Sasha Lords

Sasha Lords has been in the game for 13 years now! Performing JLO and Beyonce fuels her soul and she has no plans of stopping any time soon! Daughter of TP Lords.
Top 5 at Miss Florida F.I. for three years in a row – but magic is going to happen this year! We just know it. <3
Check out her Twirl Tuesdays Live on FB & IG.
“I love what I do, it’s the reason I live. Making people happy while they enjoy a good show is everything I’m about.”
Follow her on IG for lots of Fire, Passion, and Lewks. @sashalords

9. Marisol Lords

Female Impersonator Marisol Lords

Originally hailing from Miami, Female Impersonator Marisol Lords Darling Waistline has been doing drag for 2 years with high energy performances travelling all over Florida.
Follow her today to find out when she’ll be in a city near you!
Follow her on IG: @marisollords and you can book her by emailing her here.

10. Athena Dion

Female Impersonator Athena Dion

Miss Athena Dion is show director at RHouse Drag Brunch as well as owner and founder of Dream Queens – a traveling troupe of Drag Queens and Drag Fans who visit people from all different backgrounds and walks of life to uplift, empower, and motivate through talents and skills of beauty, personal strength, dance and laughter. From birthday parties to local charities and children hospitals. Book them today for your next event
Follow her IG: @athenadion


11. Karma Sutra

Female Impersonator Karma Sutra

Karma Sutra – The Bollywood Barbie of SoFl is a 23 year old Trinidadian raised drag performer, singer and actress who got their start in the local Drag scene three years ago after moving to West Palm Beach. Here is where they met many talented local female impersonators and joined non-profit, Queer Art Collective “Haus of Quota” – whom all helper to inspire, support and mentor them to become the fierce entertainer & drag queen they are today!
“I’m constantly inspired by the art that envelops the world and find inspiration daily but my aesthetic is a refined, but fun and fashionable blend of Classic Hollywood & Bollywood Glamour – with a young sexy, spicy Indian flare!”
Truly not a force to be reckoned with, Karma’s winning combo of talen, exotic beauty and a funny, charming personality will enchant anyone’s heart. They may say Karma’s a bitch, but she’s a bitch with a heart! Their lifelong goal as a drag performer is to use art to hopefully inspire millions one day to embrace what makes them special and express their artistic creative!
Follow her on IG: @Queen.Karma.Sutra

12. Yoko Oso

Female Impersonator Yoko Oso

Yoko Oso is a drag performer from our very own Fort Lauderdale! Her art is punk rock cabaret, drawing influences from high art and grunge aesthetics. She is part of the main cast at The Black Market’s drag show, which focuses on blending avant-garde performances with local musicians. In live shows, she sings, shreds on guitar, and delivers theatrical lipsyncs. While live performances are on hiatus due to COVID-19, she is dedicating her resources to creating content that is both entertaining and politically minded primarily on Instagram and her YouTube Channel.
Follow her IG today: @theyokooso

13. Vivieca Battle

Female Impersonator Vivieca Battle

Vivieca Battle is a female impersonator who sings live as well as lip syncs and has a 5 star rating! Originally from Washington D.C., she now lives in Pompano Beach and performs all over South Florida. Catch some of her amazing stage presence on her Youtube Channel.
To book her – you can call (754) 222-8692 or email here.
YouTube: Vivieca Battle

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Amanda Goldstein
Amanda Goldstein

Amanda is a licensed cosmetologist who has been in the beauty industry for 10+ years, while also honing her craft as a creator over the last three. She is the owner & operator of Fort Lauderdale Beauty and strives to bring awareness to her community while educating South Florida about the nuances of her beloved industry. Wife, Mother, Friend… She is here for you. Message her at any time.

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