beauty tips for flawless photos

5 Beauty Tips for Flawless Wedding Photos.

After 10 years of bridal hair and makeup experience, I’m here to offer my top five beauty tips for a flawless wedding album. (Photo by Summer Swinson Media)

Top 5 Beauty Tips for flawless wedding photos

Every bride has dreamt of her wedding day. It’s your day to shine with the love of your life. For this reason, an entire year is spent on every possible detail. But, I’ll clue you in on something few will think of — in the end, after the chaos has settled, the only thing you have to show for all of your efforts are the photos. Your wedding memories will be hanging in your family’s and your home for the foreseeable future. They are the most important aspect when you boil it all down. After 10 years of bridal hair and makeup experience (plus, two weddings of my own) I’m here to offer my top five beauty tips for flawless weddings photos.

1. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Top 5 Beauty Tips for flawless wedding photos

From personal experience, I can attest to this. After growing up with horrible acne, and piling all kinds of products and makeup on to my face for the last 15 years – the only thing that is going to make a major difference in the texture of your skin is water. Yes, H2O.

Do this: Grab a liter water container. Insert two slices of lemon, two slices of cucumber and a few sprigs of mint that you’ve bruised. Fill the container with purified water and keep refilling it all day. Even if you only finish it once – you’ve done your fair share of hydrating your body; and it tastes great, too! Repeat daily and within a week, you’ll notice an amazing difference.

Not only will your skin be completely clear and glowing, your natural oil production will be far more balanced. No more shiny nose! Which means smoother foundation application, thinner formulas needed for coverage, and fewer touch-ups! Plus, your waistline will thank you as well.

2. Don’t Crash Diet.

Top 5 Beauty Tips for flawless wedding photos

Speaking of waistlines… Yes, some women may feel pressure to lose weight for their wedding day. My advice to you is work on you first.

Do you want to lose weight for some dress you’re only going to wear once? Or, do you want to enter into this new chapter of your life healthier and/or more confident in yourself? If the latter sounds more like you, then I say Go For It. We could all use a little self-improvement, and which direction you go in is a very personal choice. Make it about you, for you, and no one else.

Going on a diet and starting an exercise routine while planning your wedding is actually a great way to deal with the stress of it all, when done in a healthy manner. Crash dieting though, is a very bad idea. Not only will you be seen as a hangry bridezilla – your hair and skin will become lackluster from the lack of nutrients in your body. You don’t want to look like “Flashback Mary” in your wedding album because the makeup artist was forced to use a pound of concealer to hide those dark under eye circles.

3. Hire a Professional.

Top 5 Beauty Tips for flawless wedding photos

Hiring a professional to do your hair and makeup may seem like a luxury, and in some ways it is. But believe me, you will thank yourself in the long run.

Not only are you the bride and deserve to be pampered on your wedding day, you will need that time to relax. You’ve been handling details and putting out fires for months. Your Bridal Beauty Professional is meant to help you wind down and relax on top of making you look your absolute best before walking down the aisle. Stress shows on our faces first and it is not cute in expensive wedding photos.

4. Don’t Go Out of Bounds.

Top 5 Beauty Tips for flawless wedding photos

Number four actually goes hand-in-hand with my previous advice above. We all want to look extra special for as big an event as our wedding day; but some women decide to go an extra step too many. Unfortunately, they end up looking like a completely different person in their wedding pictures.

Don’t be filled with regret when you finally get your photos back. This is where the ultra-important Pre-Wedding Trail Run comes into play. Finding the perfect balance of natural confidence and extra embellishment is what a Bridal Beauty Professional specializes in. And don’t feel bad for trying more than one stylist or MUA before you make your final decision. [If you’re having trouble finding any kind of beauty technicians, @FTLBeauty on Instagram is Broward County’s only beauty directory and a fabulous resource.] Like I said before, these memories are going to be displayed on your mother’s living room walls. You don’t want to wince every time you see them.

5. See an Esthetician.

Top 5 Beauty Tips for flawless wedding photos

My final bit of advice is actually the most important. Hydration is a good starting point, but an Esthetician (licensed facial technician) will make your skin great.

This is the secret to perfect looking makeup – good, clear skin. Flawless application first starts with a smooth canvas. The trick, though, is to get the timing right.

Never do anything to your skin within the same week as your wedding. Two weeks prior is the magic spot. Have your eyebrows serviced first, then book a facial with microdermabrasion for a day or two later. Make sure that this appointment lines up exactly two weeks before the wedding day. This will give your skin ample time to recover from any breakouts or inflammation and ensures the most supple results.

All in all, you are a beautiful being, inside and out. Someone went through the trouble of changing their entire lives to make you their wife. But if your wedding photos are as important to you as they are to me – take my advice and follow these five simple beauty tips. I promise, on my career, that you will be happy with the results.

Amanda Goldstein
Amanda Goldstein

Our CEO of FTLBeauty is also the owner of Le Marie Brides, traveling bridal beauty Services for all of SoFL.
She is a 10+ years licensed cosmetologist that specializes in event airbrush makeup.
Over the last year she has developed this blog along with the Instagram page linked below, @ftlbeauty. Her goal is to create a sense of community within the industry while bringing locals together.

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