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Finding Dream Clients

No matter how long you’ve been behind the chair – be it two, four, or 10+ years – there is *always* room for growth.

Helpful tips for attracting your ideal client base, by Angelica Triana

“Success.” It’s what we all dream for in life, correct? But one must do more than just dream. Great things happen through time with patience and a shit ton of perseverance. Running your own business isn’t easy, but it definitely has it’s rewards. Attracting your dream clients is how you turn your job into a career. No matter how long you’ve been behind the chair – be it two, four, or 10+ years – there is *always* room for growth.

So you absolutely love your career, but you’re feeling overwhelmed. You want to feel more laid back in your working environment and still target more clients in a specific audience, but how?


First of all, you must think visually. Instagram is a major force in social media these days and people want to see examples of your work beforehand. It’s a way of introducing your work to clients before ever meeting them. Dream clients will feel more comfortable and place more trust in you once in your chair. This is called “creating authority.” So take pictures, lots of pictures, and post exactly what it is you enjoy doing in order to attract that audience. Do you LOVE vivid colors? Post your best vivids. Are you a master at natural balayage highlights? Highlight these looks most of all. Playing to your strengths on social media will get more of those kinds of customers knocking on your door.


Secondly, make yourself known. Content about your work is professional and aesthetic; but I would be lying if I said selfies aren’t great for engagement. (Engagement is key when it comes to Insta.) Showing the face behind the art is a great way to connect with your clientele. This is your page, you can express yourself however you want. Have fun, and be yourself! It’s why people come to your chair anyway. We Americans are a cult of personality.


The third most important factor in cosmetology and social success is consistency. Posting your work regularly (once a day, every day) not only creates a visual portfolio, it gives potential clients a chance to see options. It’s a chance to create your own “Look Book.” Who knows, maybe that one bronde sombre you did last Tuesday is the dream hair your new customer has been looking for. Don’t send clients to Pinterest – ask them to follow *you* on Insta to find Hairspiration (See what I did there,😉)


Lastly (and this one is my fave) ~*Don’t be a jerk.*~ I know, you’re laughing, like “That’s Obvious,” but no… Really. This world needs nicer people. Unfortunately, I have seen my fair share of egotistical individuals that really know how to kill the joy of the potentially amazing experience. Sure, you can do amazing hair, but at the end of the day your dream clients will always remember how you made them *feel.* Think of this as an extension of the Hospitality Industry. These people are coming to you with trust and hopes of leaving your chair looking their best. Lift up their spirits. Leave your own anxious, tense, or angry feelings at home. You’re the professional. Be honest with them and reassuring, but first and foremost be a professional.

In conclusion, when everything is boiled down – success truly is in loving what you do. When you can be honest with yourself and ready to learn and look for any way possible to attract the right people, the Dream Clients, anything is possible. Have love in your heart for yourself and for others – everything else will follow.

Angelica Traiana, owner of Hairspraytion
Angelica Traiana, owner of Hairspraytion

Angie has been a business owner for five out of the six years she has been in the beauty industry.
“Hair is my passion, and the way I can express myself. I specialize in natural hair painting, vivid colors, and precision cutting. I’ve known I wanted to do hair since I was a little girl, and even though it was an industry that some didn’t consider as a career per say, I didn’t let that stop me. I started working in a few salons to gain some experience, but found with time that it just wasn’t for me. I took a risk, started building a clientele from home, made an instagram, and shortly after, I was able to take on renting my own suite. I’m thankful for every opportunity, (good and bad) that I’ve been through so far in my journey, because it has helped me get to where I am today.”

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