Holiday Fashion Guide for South Florida

South Florida’s Fashion Guide for Fall/Winter 2020.

Broward’s own fashionista
Vanessa Guerrero of
guides us through Fall/Winter 2020.

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When it comes to 2020’s Holiday Fashion Guide: plaid, sweaters, and dark colors are always a must – but there are no rules that say we only need to stick to those pieces and colors. On the contrary, fashion is the way you can express yourself, so if you still want to use your go-to spring dress, go for it! Mix that summer print you love with a jacket to stick to the season, but trust me, when it comes to fashion, all the rules are meant to be broken. 

While I’ll be giving you tips on pieces you can wear during fall or winter, do not fall in the temptation of only wearing whatever is in season. Experiment with trends, but don’t forget to explore your closet. After all, trends change every season, so you don’t need to focus on looking like a walking billboard trend. 

From punky plaids and belle sleeves, here are the holiday fashion musts you will be wearing all season long. 

2020’s Holiday Fashion Guide

Puff Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are one of my favorite things to wear. They add everything your look needs without having to wear many layers and accessories. This has been an ongoing trend for a few years, so if you already own any dress or top with puffy sleeves, then you are in for a treat. If your piece gives you summer rather than fall vibes, all you need to do is pair it with the right garment to give it a different look. Add combat boots, a dark bottom, a biker hat, and you will be all set.

@alternativelychic fall/winter 2020 fashion guide for South Florida

Monochrome Tones

Monochrome looks are always in, and for fall, all you need to do is to wear staple fall colors like burgundy, orange, and tan. Remember, when creating these looks, you don’t need to use the exact color hue with every piece you wear. So get ready to explore your closet because those khaki pants you own are the perfect fit for any tan blouse, jacket, or sweater. 

@alternativelychic fall/winter 2020 fashion guide for South Florida

Power Suits

A power suit can take you a long way, if not, ask Kamala Harris and all of those powerful women rocking suits and making deals. Nowadays, you can find a variety of options that won’t break the bank and in a vast array of colors. No longer do you have to go for the black or grey “drab” winter color suit. Au contraire, try a suit in a vibrant winter color (like a daring red), and tone it down with neutral accessories and shoes. 

@alternativelychic fall/winter 2020 fashion guide for South Florida

Heavy Metal

Metallics scream party and while we might not be doing lots of partying this year, wearing metallic pieces are never too much. Metallics are a trend this season, so it will be easy to find either a dress, a top, or bottoms in any metallic hue. However, go to your nearest thrift shop to find that metallic gem that will be different than any other piece and get ready to bring out the Studio 54 vibes. 

@alternativelychic fall/winter 2020 fashion guide for South Florida


Fringe details are everywhere this season. Whether you use them in a jacket or a bag, fringe is the way to go this winter. Now, this can be a scary element to add to your look, but you can nail it by using an aline skirt with a blazer with delicate fringe seams and a fringe bag. 

@alternativelychic fall/winter 2020 fashion guide for South Florida


Wearing a pleated skirt or dress is the best way to elevate your look. The pleats automatically add a different element while hiding those areas you don’t want to highlight. To create a comfortable fall look, go for a long pleated skirt and a blouse. Add a belt to cinch the waist and comfy booties, and you will be all set. 

@alternativelychic fall/winter 2020 fashion guide for South Florida

Punky Plaids

Plaid is synonymous with the holidays, but you don’t have to look like a lumberjack each time you wear this print. Take a cue from the punk era in the ’80s, when plaid was a staple of the culture. While you might not be pairing it with ripped fishnets and spiked hairdos, you can go for a feminine look that includes a plaid-sheer blouse paired with a high-waisted skirt.

@alternativelychic fall/winter 2020 fashion guide for South Florida
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Vanessa Guerro
Vanessa Guerro

Vanessa is a local blogger, a Floridian at heart, a lover of fashion, craft beer and wine. On top of all of that, she’s a happy wife who spenders her work week as an interior design assistant. She finds fashion inspiration in her every day life, and she loves to play with different trends to create her own eclectic style. Vanessa truly believes fashion is the perfect way to express yourself without actually saying a word. Like playing with reality. You can find her on Instagram at the link below.

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